All About the Quarantine Comfy Style

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Staying at home means you don’t have to get ready for work at 7:30 a.m. You don’t have to iron your blouse and trousers, shower, blow-dry your hair, do your makeup, etc. You can sleep in, enjoy a long cup of coffee and stay in your pajamas all day long. As luxurious as this may sound, this lifestyle can be detrimental to your health. It ruins your regular routine. You won’t be able to accomplish as much in your days as you usually do. 

It may seem unnecessary to get dressed in “real clothes” when you won’t be leaving the house or seeing anyone. But getting ready starts your day. Obviously you don’t want to be dressed in your uncomfortable, stiff work attire. The perfect quarantine wardrobe consists of clothes that you feel good in and that are comfortable. From sophisticated sleepwear to stylish athleisure – you can get away with wearing these items on a work Zoom call or to do chores around the house. Here’s a few options of stylish loungewear to put in your wardrobe for this quarantine season…

1. Leggings

You can never have too many leggings in your closet. You can dress them up with a basic tee and jacket or dress them down with a big sweatshirt. Get them in different patterns or plain black ones. You can find quality leggings for a great price on Amazon and have it delivered straight to your door. Any way you wear them, they will always be comfortable and you’ll never want to change out of them. Your hour long work call will seem like half the time while wearing your favorite pair of leggings. 


2. Knit lounge set

Throwing on a matching top and bottom set is the easiest thing to change into in the morning. No brainstorming goes into this fit. It’s comfortable, cute and easy. You’ll look like one of the Housewives of Beverly Hills lounging around your house in this outfit. Luxury has never felt this good. 

3. Basic tee and jeans

This combination is for when you’re feeling a little extra. Still more casual than your usual work clothes but less formal than leggings. Pairing a plain white or black tee shirt with a comfy pair of jeans is an effortlessly stylish look. Add some staple gold jewelry and you’ll feel glamorous the entire day. 

Even though your plans have gotten canceled, there are no events in your near future and the only living thing who will be seeing you is your pet cat, you can still dress for yourself. Stock your closet with these comfortable clothes to continue your routines. Don’t stay in the same clothes you slept in the night before. Get dressed and look good while feeling good.