Need a “Mental Break?” Here Are a Few Ways to Destress

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With so much happening in our world today, we need mental breaks now more than ever. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pandemic, exhausted by doomscrolling, or stressed out about work and school, try a few of these tips to help your brain decompress:

Get Outside 

Being outside does wonders for our mental health. Take a stroll outdoors, go on a nature walk with your kids, or even just take a quick drive with the windows down and the sun shining into your car. The fresh air and warm sunlight will have you feeling refreshed in no time. 

Try Relaxation Exercises

If it’s too hot to walk or jog outside, play a yoga video on Youtube. Yoga, especially a type called restorative yoga, is excellent for soothing an overworked mind. You can also try practicing mindful meditation and deep breathing. Sit quietly or with your favorite music lightly playing. Listen to your heartbeat and focus on releasing any tension in your body. Inhale for 4 counts, hold your breath for 7 counts, and then slowly exhale for 8 counts. 

Do Something That You Love

Take 30 minutes to read a book, watch a Netflix show, paint your nails, or do other activities that you enjoy. You’ll be much more engaged in your daily responsibilities if you’ve given yourself time to unwind with your hobbies or self-care routine.

Clean the House

This may not exactly sound like anyone’s idea of fun, but cleaning is actually an incredibly mindful activity that can help you clear your mind. Plus, a clean space is a much more calming than a messy, cluttered space. As you clean, try to really focus on the task at hand instead of thinking about the past or the future. 

Make a List or Journal

Sometimes it helps to get things out of your head. Make a list of your worries along with ideas for how you could feel better. You could also write down your goals, your shopping list, or anything else that is taking up space in your mind. Journal about your day or make a list of the moments that made you feel grateful. You’ll likely feel more organized, clear-headed,  and even happier. 

Call a Friend

Socialization is vital for good mental health. Skip the text and give your friends and family a phone call the next time you feel stressed. You can vent your problems, and they’ll be relieved to know that you’ll listen to theirs the next time they need a listening ear, too. 

Don’t Feel Guilty About Mental Breaks!

Giving yourself time to decompress will make you more productive at home, at school, and at work. When you think you need a mental break, don’t feel like you have to power through the stress. After all, you have to care for yourself first before you can properly care for anyone or anything else in your life.

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