These 90s Trends Are Making a Comeback

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If you’ve spent your socially distant summer binge watching Friends, you’ve no doubt noticed that a lot of the show’s previously outdated fashion trends are, indeed, extremely fashionable once again. When it comes to clothing trends, after all, history has a tendency to repeat itself. The 60s, 70s, and 80s have all had their turn in recent years, but 90s fashion is all the rage these days. 

Since the decade of grunge music and slap bracelets is finally having its comeback moment, let’s take a look at some of these fabulously 90s fashion trends:


Hair scrunchies were everywhere back in the 1990s. Now, you can quickly spot them on the wrists and in the hair of girls born long after the decade passed. Scrunchies are an awesome trend to have come back around, because as any 80s or 90s kid knows, these soft hair ties are much less damaging to your hair than other ponytail holders. Plus, here in 2020, you have so many more options than the basic 90s scrunchie. Fashionistas of this new decade are falling in love with velvet, silk, and even vegan leather hair scrunchies!

High-Waisted Jeans

Okay, so back in the 90s, we called these “mom jeans,” but the comfort level of relaxed, high-waisted denim means that the trend could never really go away. With everyone from Kendall Jenner to Gwyneth Paltrow embracing the trend, it might be time for you to hop on the vintage mom jean bandwagon. Don’t forget to pair your denim with a 90s rock band tee for maximum style. 


Overalls aren’t just for kids anymore. Just like hair scrunchies, you have a multitude of options for embracing this 90s fashion favorite. Pair your overalls with a jacket for contrast, layer your overalls over an elegant cord sweatshirt, buy ripped denim, or even test out wearing your overalls with one strap. 

Classically 90s Shoes

From Dr. Martens to Birkenstocks, everyone has an opinion on the polarizing shoes of the 90s. Love them or hate them, these chunky 90s faves are back in style, along with platform shoes and bold, brightly colored sneakers that are quickly lining the aisles of every shoe store. 

Fanny Packs

It might be hard to believe, but these waisted bags really are making a comeback. Of course, the fanny packs of 2020 are a bit more stylish than the neon, touristy bags of 30 years ago. In fact, well-known designers like Gucci and Prada have even gotten in on the fanny pack trend. Still not convinced? Try a sling bag, instead, for a gentler dose of 1990s nostalgia. 

Go ahead, give these 90s faves a try! Now that everything old is new again, you’ll be feeling like one of the Friends gang in no time!

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